Prof. Dr. Mahmut Kaşkaloğlu Answers Your Questions – About Journey From Graduation

Prof. Dr. Mahmut Kaşkaloğlu, a renowned figure in ophthalmology and the founder of Kaşkaloğlu Eye Hospital in İzmir, has had a remarkable journey in the field of eye care. His story begins with his early academic success, including being an exam topper at İzmir Koleji in 1963 and winning a national scholarship in 1967. His academic prowess took him to the United States for a year under an AFS scholarship, where he studied at William Horlick High School in Wisconsin.

Returning to Turkey, Dr. Kaşkaloğlu continued his impressive trajectory, graduating from Ege University Medical Faculty in 1976. His relentless pursuit of excellence led him to Vienna University’s Faculty of Medicine for specialized training in eye ultrasonography, a cutting-edge field at the time. He brought this knowledge back to Turkey, contributing significantly to the field of ocular biometry.

His military service completed, Dr. Kaşkaloğlu’s passion for ophthalmology only intensified. Winning a British Council scholarship, he spent a year at Cambridge’s Addenbrookes Hospital, delving into vitreoretinal diseases under Dr. John Scott. This period was marked by notable achievements, including his work on a glaucoma drainage implant and pioneering the use of intraocular lens implantation in İzmir.

Prof. Dr. Kaşkaloğlu’s contributions have been wide-ranging and significant. He was instrumental in introducing modern cataract surgery techniques to İzmir and has been a prolific educator, producing instructional materials that greatly aided his peers during a time when resources were scarce.

His international accolades include invitations as a speaker at numerous global conferences, contributions to ophthalmological societies, and prestigious awards recognizing his surgical innovations and educational efforts.

Today, Prof. Dr. Mahmut Kaşkaloğlu continues his distinguished career at Kaşkaloğlu Eye Hospital, working alongside his spouse, Op. Dr. Selma Kaşkaloğlu. His journey from a young, ambitious student to a venerated expert in ophthalmology is not just a tale of personal achievement but a testament to his enduring commitment to advancing eye care both in Turkey and globally.

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