Why should I travel overseas for health care?

No one will doubt that Europe boasts some of the best physicians and medical facilities in the world. However, the fact is not everyone can afford the high costs that often accompany Europe-based health care. Eye Travel Turkey offers top-quality affordable health care that is available to everyone.

In some European countries, health care is characterized by long wait times and lengthy paperwork, often for relatively minor procedures. Growth in medical travel is a response to these conditions, an outlet, if you will. The growth of low-cost airlines, the increased use of first-class technology and equipment all over the world, and rapid medical advances that decrease recovery time have all contributed to the growing numbers of  people leaving their home countries for medical treatment.

Why should I choose Eye Travel Turkey?

 Eye Travel Turkey takes care of everything, from booking your hotel room to bringing you to the clinic for your appointments to the actual surgery itself. We only team with the most experienced doctors and surgeons, such as Kaskaloglu Eye Hospital, to bring you the best care.

How much do your services cost?

The cost of our services is included in the price you pay the hospital. This way you only make one payment that includes your examinations, appointments, surgery, medicine, transfer services to the airport, your hotel and the hospital, and any future check-ups that you may need.

Is it safe?

Absolutely. In addition to having some of the finest medical facilities in the world, Turkey is a modern, developed country and offers a much safer, more comfortable option than some of less developed medical travel destinations.